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"Au Bout Du Monde" - The Jules Verne compilation

"Au Bout Du Monde" - The Jules Verne compilation has now been officially released. It is available digitally for only 3.50$ via bandcamp page: http://verney1826.bandcamp.com/album/au-bout-du-monde-the-jules-verne-compilation.

"Au Bout Du Monde" is a new compilation of various international songs about the immortal french author Jules Verne. Compiled in 2012/2013 by Sven Phanlanx (Schattenspiel) and Lionel Verney (Verney 1826). 
Every song on this album was inspired by the books or the life of Jules Verne: His visions, his ideas, his heroes.

This digital album is the main release form. However, there will be a very limited edition of 50 DVDs with professionally printed artwork. The DVD was produced as a gift for the contributing bands and artists, but a small amount of discs is still available at www.lichterklang.de 
The digital download contains the DVD case artwork.

Artwork „Lebenslied“ by Reiner Langer (www.reinerlanger.org). 
Maps from the collection of B. Krauth (www.jules-verne-club.de)

1 Orgonautic – Sol 
2 Andréa Nebel – 19th Century Ghost 
3 Tony Wakeford – Paris Au XXe Siècle 
4 Friends Of Alice Ivy – We Are As Ghosts 
5 Schattenspiel – The Grave At The Bottom Of The Sea 
6 Mars - Apocalyptic Folk – Mobilis In Mobile 
7 Stern Des Bundes – Moskenstraumen 
8 Verney 1826 – Fulgurator Roch 
9 TSIDMZ – Voyage Au Centre De La Terre 
10 Victim's Ball, The – The Voyage Of Dolly Branican 
11 Langemarck – Kampf Der Giganten 
12 Acta Non Verba – Morphine (Feat. Melanie "Melley" W.) 
13 Giftstrauch – Sailing With Nemo 
14 Vernian Process – The Exile (DJ FACT.50's Substep Remix) 
15 Victor Sierra – Shadows In The Rain 
16 Life's Decay – Efleura 
17 La Derniere Attaque – La Fille De'l Air 
18 Protea – Jemais Seul 
19 Trail, The – City Of Steel 
20 Andra Dare – Autour De La Lune 
21 Dazzling Malicious – Le Château Des Carpathes 
22 Starchasm – One Of Nothing Infinite 
23 Dunkel Aesthetics – Feldeger Strogov 
24 Cydonia (7) – Around The Moon 
25 Tribal Snake – Eternal Return For Jules Verne 
26 Catacombs Of Doom – The Sphinx Of The Ice Fields 
27 Mutation Urbaine – Immortelles Vagues 
28 Kaztalien – Under The Granite House 
29 Casa De Orates Feat. Serena Toxicat – Une Monde Subterrestre

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